?Successful people are happy?

?I want to be a successful person?

?Success is everything?

?Successful people are well respected?

Alright. I hear you. I don?t agree with everything, but that is what people say.

I recently met a couple of my childhood friends and I don?t know where it came from, but we started to talk about ?Success?. We discussed, debated and almost argued about what this ?Success? really is.

Everyone has their own definition of success and its futile to rub one?s definition over the others.

Anyways, we agreed on this at the end of the long evening

?Successful person = Anyone who knew their goals and moving towards it progressively?.

In our definition, success is not equal to just money. What? Don?t agree?

Do you know people like Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi? How much money did they have? Are they successful? Of course YES.

So, in a nutshell two points resonated well to us:

  1. Know your life goals
  2. Progress towards the set goals
  3. Once you achieve the goals, set a new one and start making progress

Perhaps, a good starting point is setting our ?Life Goals?.

What do you say?

PC:?Georgie Pauwels