Welcome to Invoke Life

Invoke Life is an invitation for everyone to break free from everything that holds them, limits them, and prevents them from excelling in their pursuits.

Our endeavor is to move people through wholesome inner experience and empower them to take complete charge of their career and life.

Dynamics of our environment – be it economic, social, global, cultural or personal – are changing at an unprecedented, unpredictable pace. As an organisation, there is constant need to adjust and readjust. It’s time to pause and reflect to see if existing ways of learning and development are adequate to equip employees for such rapid waves of change.

The constant rise in mental stress and lifestyle related issues is an indication of deeper level of struggle that most individuals are dealing with. Organisations are increasingly becoming sensitive to the need for supporting their employees in their “wellness” and “well-being”. And rightfully so. After all, people will bring in the workspace “what they are”.


A holistic approach is a promising way forward which not only focuses on building behavioural, functional and leadership skills but also brings much needed transformation in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Inner transformation creates a fertile ground where all other skills can be developed with more ease and higher impact.

Our programs are carefully curated and we bring powerful, life changing, experiential enablers to partner with organizations for achieving their desired goals through our customized offerings.

Our approach is to harness both – mind and spirit, for transformation of individuals and groups leading to sustainable business growth.


To enable employee transformation through inner awareness for sustainable business growth



Courageous:Exploring Possibilities

It takes courage to break free from fixed ideas and set patterns as well as to take action in line with one’s inner awareness

Creativity :Crafting Yourself

Being creative is to freely express one’s talents, abilities and experience in a more fulfilling and consistent manner followed with timely actions

Respectful:Positive Regard

To understand, accept and value self and others; leading to respect for everybody and everything

Perseverance: Determined Progress

To move forward overcoming challenges, learning continuously and taking resolute steps every time

Achievement: Desired Results

To contribute to personal and organizational growth by continuously meeting the set objectives, goals and targets

Adventure: Joyful Expansion

Having a sense of fun, curiosity and exploration to expand one’s horizons creating inclusiveness and belongingness