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INcharge – For Personal Leadership

Nurture a constructive environment where your employees build and execute plans with total accountability

INcharge is a structured coaching intervention that helps people learn how to achieve their goals and objectives.

Based on the Life Coaching principles, it uses specific tools and techniques to support people’s effort in pursuit of their goals.

Every weekly session is uniquely designed to provide specific inputs to address individual needs. The coaching process leverages on Life Concepts and Metaphysical Laws to help people break their barriers and move past their limitations.

Entire process has an Inside-Out approach where people are encouraged and guided to evaluate their unique situation, assess their options and find their own solutions.

The process also helps people focus on execution of their plans and build total accountability. This is a gentle approach that makes people reclaim their own power and reduce dependence on external elements for their success.

INcharge helps people shift focus from unproductive and limiting behavior e.g. criticism, blame game etc to positive and constructive approach. Nurture a constructive environment where your employees build and execute plans with total accountability.


This program helps people:

  • Identify how they want to change their life (True goals)
  • Overcome their fears and limitations that block their success
  • Discover their actual potential
  • Learn to build their life based on their dreams
  • Find right balance of time and energy they spend
  • Move to next level – in business, work, health, skills and else

Take charge of themselves and their life

    INlead – For Leaders and Executives

    Enable leaders enhance their perceptiveness and transcend personal judgments to build future leaders.

    INlead is a structured coaching intervention that enables senior leaders grow into enhanced “Leadership consciousness”.

    Based on the Life coaching principles, it uses specific tools & techniques, Life Concepts and Metaphysical Laws to help leaders bring their inspiring self to foray.

    Every session is uniquely designed to provide specific inputs to address individual needs. The program is designed to help leaders build a deeper understanding of their interactions with people and enhance effectiveness in leading large teams with least resistance.

    Entire process has an Inside-out focus where leaders are carefully guided to evaluate their unique situation, assess their options and find their own solutions making them take complete accountability of what they do.

    It enhances perceptiveness which helps them transcend personal judgments and connect with their people and environment in a manner that is balanced and mindful.

    The program uses “Shadowing” by the coach to help leaders become aware of their true attributes and work through them.

    Through systematic approach, it focuses on bringing significant shift in paradigms resulting in quantum positive changes in their professional as well as personal life. Leaders have major influence on their teams and their transformation inadvertently leads to transformed teams.


    This program helps people:

    • Understand yourself better (your relationship with self and others)
    • Balance your “Circle of Life” – (Career, Health, Family, Personal and Spiritual growth)
    • Review your challenges and find way forward through “Life Concepts”
    • Grow and develop as a Conscious Leader
    • Learn and use concepts of Metaphysical sciences to dissolve your fears and limitations
    • Enhance your ability to influence your teams and improve productivity
    • Achieve your personal and professional goals

    Find your inspiration and motivation.

    InPower For Teams and Small Groups

    Transform the productivity and effectiveness of your teams

    As an organization, it always seems like a challenge to keep its employees motivated and engaged. Productivity and effectiveness of employees is a direct outcome of how integrated and inspired they are at work.

    People retention, people engagement, performance management, employee development & growth are some of the constant battles that organisations face.

    Huge amounts are spent on training every year with little or no impact. Most trainings end up as paid holidays. This is because most trainings are generic in nature and fail to bring any meaningful shift in people’s thinking and behavior.

    While there is some excitement immediately after the trainings, the same excitement does not sustain. People are unique and any sustainable change can only be brought about an intervention which is tailor made as per individual needs, their specific strengths and capabilities.

    InPower is a powerful coaching program to help people become empowered by exploring their inner dimensions. The focus is to ensure that participants realize their potential and reduce their dependence on external factors.

    Once participants understand that they can overcome their limitations and find their own solutions, it makes them take charge of their work and life. The shift in paradigm is brought about through careful observation of their skills & behavior and use of high impact life concepts to help them overcome their impediments.

    Finally enable them to lead themselves from within.


    The program helps people:

    • Take accountability of their work and life
    • Identify specific goals and develop workable plans to achieve the goals
    • Leverage on their strengths and resources from their environment
    • Learn how to adapt to change and be flexible
    • Build confidence and conviction to take decisions and make choices
    • Strengthen relationships with their team and managers
    • Enhance productivity and contribution to the organization
    • Become empowered from within

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