Would urge you to watch this video and then read on:

The world is full of amazing people who have inspired generations. Arunima Sinha is one such inspiring soul.

The first female amputee to scale not just Everest but also four other highest peaks in the world.

She was a national level volleyball player who was pushed from a running train by robbers in 2011 while she was resisting them. Her survival from that tragedy itself is nothing short of a miracle and what happened next is awe inspiring.

There are ample of messages in this recount for us. I choose to emphasise some of them:

  1. On the tracks for 7 hrs?????Every second I was thinking how could I save myself?
  2. From my heart, mind and soul I made a decision????.chose life?s most difficult game mountaineering
  3. They looked at my legs, they didn?t know what was happening inside my conscience
  4. The biggest motivator is you yourself
  5. The day your inner self is awakened towards any goal, nobody can stop you from reaching that goal
  6. Not giving energy to outside noise ? leg not supporting, Sherpa saying go back, dead bodies around, no oxygen, you will die etc.
  7. You can do everything, it?s all how you think
  8. Like we have our rules, God also has his rules. Running out of oxygen and getting an oxygen cylinder up there

It?s not difficult to see how the universe truly conspires to help us achieve what we desire only if:

  1. We are clear about WHAT we want?
  2. We are aligned to our inner self, listen to it and do not give energy to external limiting noise
  3. We are in vibrational harmony with our goals and desires

Strictly speaking none of us are ever beyond Universal Laws. The important question though is are we living by default or are we living through awareness. Many people awaken to this reality when faced with extreme circumstances. If we pay little attention, we all can also identify some events, situations in our life when everything fell in place like a magic and we wondered how it happened against all odds.

Wouldn?t it be better if we all could grow in our awareness without getting into some radical situations? Wouldn?t it be better that while things are ok and manageable, we make time to invest in our own self, bit by bit, and keep improving our life experience however slow it may be? How wonderful it would be if those magical events become more frequent and not far and few?

I am inclined to feel that it is a worthwhile journey to undertake. What?s stopping you?