Just back from my workshop in Hyderabad and every time I do this work with people I am amazed at the zillion methods we have figured out for Self-sabotage. Sometimes we are aware and other times we are not. These are the bugs that don?t let our life work the way we want.

How many times do we tell ourselves ? ?I don?t have time?, ?I am too busy?, ?I have a sweet tooth?, ?I am a foodie?, ?This is in my genes?, ?I am not good enough?, ?I am short tempered?, ?I cant tolerate???, ?I hate???.?, ?I am too stressed?, ?I don?t have work-life balance?, ?I cant do anything about it?, ?I don?t have a choice? etc. etc. etc.

Every thought and idea that causes self hatred and self criticism is a bug that is quietly interrupting the smooth flow of your life. So watch your personal prose. Whatever you think, believe and say about yourself, others and life is creating your future.

Thoughts, beliefs and words that are bugged will create bugged life.

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Have you ever paid attention to the fact that inspite of wanting to get rid of our inadequacies, we find it hard to sustain desired changes. The weight that we lost keeps coming back, cigarette that was stopped for a month or 2 again creeps back, exercise that we begin doesn?t last long enough, various commitments we make to ourselves break sooner or later. 21 days makes it a habit, strong will is all it takes and many other comforting ideas don?t seem to work.

Think about it??..if you want to sow a seed in a piece of land that is full of weeds, can you grow anything? Chances are bleak. Unless you remove the weeds and make the land fertile, anything new cannot grow. Similarly, the bugs that you have developed over last 20, 30, 40 , 50 years will continue to throw you back in old patterns of living unless you clean up and get rid of those bugs.

May be you could figure out what are your bugs and learn how to debug and heal yourself. Thus, pave way for creating a fulfilling, successful and wholesome experience of life.