It was a little weird when this thought came to my mind. What do we mean by ?Mind forgetting what the heart wanted?. How can someone let that happen?

I spoke to a few people, from an 18 year old who just started her career to a 59 year old who is all set to retire, about what is driving or drove them? The heart or the mind? 99% of them, apologetically, said that the mind did eventually take over the heart.

Let me give you a few examples of the mind taking over the heart:

A young and a very smart engineer settling for a small time software company than pursuing a PHD that she really wanted to do
A talented runner settling to be a small time office clerk, than being an internationally renowned runner
I was still not convinced. I spoke to and read about some of the greatest in the business. Entrepreneurs, industrialists, artists, sports person, and students.

There is one common thread to their success ? Passion, an unwavering obsession to an idea or belief.

Follow your heart

The passion comes from heart and provides the necessary fuel to drive the mind. It looked ridiculously simple to me until I spoke to a few others who were equally talented but could not make it to the list of successful individuals. As you can assume, the discussion was not easy. 90% of the people I spoke to acknowledged one simple fact that ?growth killed them?. In other words, mind?s drive to grow sacrificing the basic purpose or passion.

But according to me, it?s not the growth but change of heart/dilution of passion from where they started that didn?t see these talented individuals through the heights of success in their selected field.

Let?s take a quick look around us. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook. The individuals who started these companies continued their journey with passion to a basic idea and the growth followed.

Ask yourself. Does your heart lie in what you are doing? Are you settling for short-term benefits that your mind is tempting you with?

Let the mind work, but in conjunction with the heart. Never let the mind forget what the heart wants.