uth merii jaan mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

tuu falaatuno-arastuu haii tuu zohraa parviin, tere qabze mein hai garduun, terii thokar mein zamiin

haan, uthaa, jald uthaa paae-muqqadar se jabiin, main bhii rukne kaa nahii waqt bhii rukne kaa nahiin

larkharaayegii kahaan tak ki sambhalnaa hai tujhe

– Aurat by Kaifi Azmi

(Arise, my love, for now you must march with me

You are Aristotle?s philosophy, Venus, Pleiades, You control the sky, the earth at your feet

Yes, raise, fast, raise your forehead from the feet of fate, I too am not going to pause, nor will the time

How long would you falter, you have to be firm)

It?s incredible to think that this amazing piece of poetry was written by Kaifi Azmi over six decades back. Every single word and phrase of this is as relevant as or perhaps even more relevant than it was then. He is not the only one. Numerous thinkers, poets, leaders have exhorted women to rise beyond their limitations and stake their rightful place under the sky.

One might ask though WHY?

Why would someone risk the seemingly familiar ground and try to navigate the unchartered space? I am tempted to say ?Enlightenment? but since I haven?t experienced it, I would refrain from it.

But I certainly want to share what I have realized from my experience and from experience of many others around me.

To begin with let me say for the sheer fun and joy of it. Yes??there is nothing as amusing, as delightful and as invigorating as getting in touch with one?s own self. There are few things as satisfying as overcoming our limitations and expressing ourselves.

At a basic level, this effort indeed brings positive changes to the life making it more easy and effortless. In time one can see how various limiting ideas of anger, anxiety, all kinds of fear and sadness are replaced with ease, comfort, joy, compassion and understanding. Quality of life improves drastically in all its dimensions of Self, Work, Relationships, Health and Wealth.

At a little broader level, you give yourself a chance to expand your awareness and engage with life in a more complete manner. Even the difficult situations are met with greater sense of poise and confidence. As human beings, we love to be more than what we already are. Its truly liberating to understand and experience our power and potential???.the real empowerment.

It also interesting that as we strive to become the best we can, we also allow others, inspire others and support others to become the best they can. In the process, we heal ourselves and others thereby doing what we can to heal the collective consciousness.? I know the seemingly increased instances of violence upsets most of us and we often feel helpless. It might encourage some of you to know that when we grow and evolve as an individual, we are making our contribution to reduce the violence from this world.

And for those who are interested in their spiritual growth, this really is it. As they say ?Know thyself?. That?s all there is to know.

It doesn?t matter how your journey has been so far and what are your circumstances right now. If you wish, you can begin this unique journey with your own self and realize the amazing possibility that you are.

The only difficult part of this, if at all, is that no one can undertake this journey on your behalf. No matter how much others love you and care for you but this one effort cannot be outsourced J

So go ahead and be your best ever????????..

Much love!!!