Invoke Life is an invitation for you to break free from everything that holds you, limits you and prevents you from living a life of your desire. Its an invitation to explore this incredible game of life and learn to play it with joy.

Have you tried to play any game without understanding its rules? Chances are that you felt inept, frustrated and probably lost the game most of the time. And when you learnt the rules and practiced with that, it became easy and enjoyable. Isn’t it? So, how are you playing this marvelous game of life?

Invoke Life is aimed at just this. To help you play your game in the best possible manner. While you go about your game, our interventions extend required support to help you understand it. We partner with you to find out your skills, strengths, limitations and work with you to remove those blocks, sharpen your saw. We get you to achieve your WINS by helping you keep your focus. And of course, help you understand the rules of the game from time to time as may be necessary.


We are also your sound board, your partner in brainstorming, keen observer of your game and your cheer leader. All this to help you make your life easy, effortless and joyous, as it indeed should be.

Our Enablers are carefully picked and designed to assist individuals and corporate organizations achieve their desired goals, become more and be more. All programs are experiential with little or no theory at all. The basic premise of all programs is that any sustainable change can only be brought about by moving people through powerful inner experience. A minor shift in ones consciousness can have huge changes in external world. Haven’t we heard that all changes begin from within?

At Invoke Life we are inspired to bring this transformational experience to everyone and will continue to introduce life changing Enablers as we further on our journey.