We?ve always been brought up with the report card culture. In school we have one and then in the corporate its called the dreaded appraisal. Always a way to measure our progress. But, do we have a report card for our lives? What does the report card of our life look like? Did you ever think about it?

Surely, it?s not a very comfortable question, but nevertheless an important one. Well, I for one was a bit taken aback when the question struck me. My first instinct was ?lets do it later?. But then, with some courage I gave it a shot and wasn?t very excited. The report card spoke all about the number of campaigns executed, leads generated, fancy apps on the phone, movies seen and so on. I didn?t find anything really meaningful out there that I am really proud of.

Perhaps, time to go back to the drawing board and start it afresh. That?s the beauty of life. You get as many starts as you can handle.

What do you think? What does your life?s report card look like? Does it give a good picture of?how you are progressing towards your life goals?

Meanwhile, do dive in and take this short quiz about yourself. This will certainly?help you get started. We have simplified the entire report card into six key facets of life. Personal Leadership, Health, Relationships, Career, Prosperity and Success. By no means this is comprehensive, but will definitely put our thought process in the right direction.

Go ahead and click here to get started with?Life’s Report Card

By the way, let me know your thoughts on what should the other components of a life?s report card be. I will consolidate and give it a structure so that all of us can use it effectively for our respective needs. This will also help all of us to look into future and set our goals.

PC:?Susanne Nilsson