Piyush Tyagi

Piyush Tyagi

Catalyst and Life Coach

Thank you for visiting Invoke Life. Hope you find some meaning, some insight or something that resonates with your inner self.

As a Catalyst and Coach at Invoke Life, my purpose is to support the collective consciousness in its evolution and growth by helping people heal themselves. My journey towards this began in 1991 when I started off my career as a sales executive. The biggest highlight of my first year in job was that I met over 1200 people. I believe that really set the tone and direction for what I was going to learn and acquire during my subsequent 24 year long career before it could culminate into Invoke Life.

People became the focus of all my efforts and endeavors and as I moved through various organizations, various roles, interacting with people from across the globe, I was increasingly convinced that I wanted to work with people in a manner that is loving, life-ward and makes a real difference to their life and existence. I am immensely grateful to all the organizations and all the people that I worked for and with. They all contributed to my growth in more ways than I can describe. Since I always worked in roles that were intensely people centric, it greatly influenced my understanding and perceptiveness about people. I am glad that all my experiences with people made me sensitive and appreciative of the fact that intrinsically everyone is beautiful and full of potential. I also learned that there are too many impediments we all create which block our full potential from finding expression.  

Alongside my corporate career, I had opportunity to go through some wonderful training programs which helped me explore my own self at different levels. Driven by my interest in learning, I also did lot of programs for self-empowerment including NLP, Mind Power, Reiki, Transcendental Meditation and Inner engineering. In 2005 I had a chance to go through a powerful workshop “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” and this resonated very strongly with my own understanding and ideas. It did pave way for my journey of Inner Work and over last 15 plus years this practice made phenomenal difference to my life. Now, as a Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, I aspire to bring this empowering experience to more and more people. As a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach from CCA (recognized by International Coaches Federation) I cherish working with people, supporting them in their healing, co-creating their life of desire and achieve their goals and success. I am a Vipassana practitioner and also an Access bar facilitator.

The time spent with NIIT Ltd., Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd., Om Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co. Ltd., GE Global Servicing, Brickwork India Ltd. and LabourNet Services India Pvt. Ltd has been most enriching and fulfilling. I am forever grateful to all the wonderful leaders that I worked with and all my teams and colleagues who supported me in my efforts. Much of my inspiration comes from all my years of work in corporate that led me to conceive and bring forth Invoke Life.

As you go through the pages here, see if something rings a bell within or makes you question something or encourages you to look within. Feel free to reach out and send your queries. I look forward to associating with you and working together to learn, change, heal, grow and create the life that you wish to, for yourself. And as we go along, share with you the joy of inner work and journey inward.

So when are you embarking on your Inner journey? 🙂