Master Spirit Life Coaching and More

Master Spirit Life Coaching

60-90 minutes per week

INR: 2,950 per session

Delivered through video calls

All of us are on the same journey SELF to BETTER SELF

Chiselled carefully by LIFE situations

Bringing out the inner spark bit by bit over a lifetime!

Master Spirit Life Coaching makes the process simpler, quicker and effective. It reduces the randomness and enhances control and awareness thereby helping an individual become truly EMPOWERED!

In a world that is full of too much data, too much information, too much analysis, too much intellect and too many people ready to prescribe solutions for all your issues, it can be tough to navigate through and sift through. With too much uncertainty, old methods and ideas may not be adequate anymore to deal with constantly emerging new realities.

  • How do you know that the Goals you are chasing are actually your ‘True goals’ and not borrowed?
  • How do you know why all the money, all the recognition fails to keep you motivated and inspired for long?
  • Are you always trying to struggle with STRESS MANAGEMENT, TIME MANAGEMENT, WORK-LIFE BALANCE?
  • Do you stay positive by feeding yourself daily with MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES, INSPIRING STORIES from outside world to stay ahead in face of screaming COMPETITION and constant need to stay ahead?
  • Do you look forward to weekends and ANNUAL vacation to spend QUALITY time with your loved ones?
  • Do you worry about your health, relationships, financial security, job security and future?

Whether you are blissed out at this moment or stressed out, the fact remains that the realities of our complex environment could get better of any one of us at any stage of ones life. While there will always be someone out there ready to give you a prescription, TNA based training program or a workshop or time off or medication, wouldn’t it be better if you could EMPOWER yourself to move through all kinds of life situations with more ease and better control?

As a certified MASTER SPIRIT LIFE COACH, I work with my clients delightfully and help them :

  • Declutter and identify their TRUE GOALS
  • Identify their limiting beliefs, dissolve them and develop supportive beliefs to achieve their TRUE GOALS
  • Transform their life situations using 360 degree holistic approach that works with all aspects of our existence¬† – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual
  • Discover their inner magic, find their MOJO and bring harmony as well as control in every aspect of their life.
  • Experience a customized process of co-creation that works

Start NOW!

    Harmony in Relationships

    8 weekly sessions of 1 hour each

    INR: 4,720

    Delivered through video calls

    Relationships are central to our life. They create us, define us and are most significant in our growth and evolution. Our joys and sorrows, our wins and losses, our success and failures and everything else stems from our relationships in this world.

        • Are your relationships supportive or draining?
        • Do you feel stuck in your relationships?
        • Are you looking for that perfect relationship?
        • Do you constantly feel that the other person is cause of your unhappiness?
        • Do you find it difficult to build and keep strong relationships?

    If relationships in your life, both personal and professional, are always posing a challenge for you then this intervention is for you. This will help you learn and discover:

        • How all relationships are a reflection of your relationship with yourself?
        • Your beliefs about relationships that come in the way of creating fulfilling relationships and how to change them.
        • How you carry forward the patterns of relationship from your parents and how to break those patterns
        • The roles you play unconsciously in THE DRAMA TRIANGLE and how to stop the drama to change your experience
        • Your emotional connect with love and how it creates and impacts your love relationships


    1 on 1 Consultation

    60 minutes

    INR: 944

    Video calls

    We are living in a rather complex and constantly changing environment. It can be at times challenging in varied ways causing confusion, anxiety and other emotional upheaval. This offering is an opportunity to use for an interaction that can help you get clarity and direction. This is your time. You can use it to:

    • Ask questions about your situation and what can you do to move forward
    • Discuss issues pertaining to distress in any aspect of your life
    • Explore options if you are feeling stuck and lost
    • Declutter and release overwhelming emotions
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Just talk

    All interactions are done in total confidentiality and the purpose is to extend unconditional, non-judgemental presence and provide support so that you can take that one next step to bring more ease and control in your life.


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