As an organization, it always seems like a challenge to keep its employees motivated and engaged. Productivity and effectiveness of employees is a direct outcome of how integrated and inspired they are at work. People retention, people engagement, performance management, employee development & growth are some of the constant battles that organisations face. Huge amounts are spent on training every year with little or no impact. Most trainings end up as paid holidays. This is because most trainings are generic in nature and fail to bring any meaningful shift in people?s thinking and behavior. While there is some excitement immediately after the trainings, the same excitement does not sustain. People are unique and any sustainable change can only be brought about an intervention which is tailor made as per individual needs, their specific strengths and capabilities.

InPower is a powerful coaching program to help people become empowered by exploring their inner dimensions. The focus is to ensure that participants realize their potential and reduce their dependence on external factors. Once participants understand that they can overcome their limitations and find their own solutions, it makes them take charge of their work and life. The shift in paradigm is brought about through careful observation of their skills & behavior and use of high impact life concepts to help them overcome their impediments. Finally enable them to lead themselves from within.

Session Details

Format???????????????? :????????????? Group of 5-8

Duration????????????? :????????????? Recommended a minimum of 6 months

Frequency?????????? :????????????? 1 hour per week

Mode?????????????????? :????????????? In person

Experiential gains for you


Power Up

Empowerment is not external. Its completely an inner thing. Explore your inner strengths that can make you feel empowered externally too


Change the Inside

Identify the changes needed in behavior and skills to be a more stronger individual


Zero Dependency

Reduce your dependency on external factors. Take control of your own power

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