Setting and navigating through life goals is important. Do you feel like you are at crossroads and no one to help you? Do you often miss out on your goals ? both personal and professional? Do you feel that all odds are stacked against you? Does everyone around tell you what you should do? Are you generally confident in making your decisions? Do you feel free to make your choices? Is work-life balance always eluding you? Do you end up working more number of hours than your colleagues and still lag behind? Is it a struggle to please your Bosses?

InCharge can help you immensely to beat the odds and achieve your goals.

This offering is based on Life Coaching principles and uses specific tools, techniques and Life concepts to help you work towards your specific goals. It is focused on identification of your ?True goals? and you work with your Life Coach to achieve your desired success. Highly driven by powerful action plans and their execution, the program guides you to identify and leverage on your own inner strengths and resources from your external environment.

In due course, this equips you with necessary awareness, knowledge and skills to navigate through life situations with much ease, less struggle and higher control.

Session Details

Format???????????????? :????????????? 1 on 1

Duration????????????? :????????????? Recommended a minimum of 6 months

Frequency?????????? :????????????? 1 hour per week

Mode?????????????????? :????????????? Over skype/phone/in person

Experiential gains for you


Life Goals

Identify and set your “True goals”


Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Identify and leverage your inner strengths that you never knew existed


Extensive Navigation

Navigate through life situations with higher control and less struggle

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